About Firmwares

Buy firmware files and download it from our servers.

How does this site work?

To simplify the operation, the process is very easy and fast.

You simply need to choose the file you want to buy, add it to the cart, proceed to checkout and pay.

After payment you will receive a link to download the file directly from our servers.

We also send you an email with the download link to make the process easier.

Firmwares dump for led lcd tv

Firmware for led lcd tvs of the main brands in the market. Backup copies of eeprom and SPI flash memories.

Firmware Updates by USB

In addition to memory backups, we provide several firmware updates from various brands, to be loaded via USB.

Emmc Firmwares

We provide EMMC firmwares from various brands, from backups made on fully functioning electronic equipment.

Compatibility between devices

You should bear in mind that there may be compatibility between devices of different models that use the same hardware. Or, on the contrary, incompatibility occurs between identical models that have different hardware revisions.

Constant repository growth

Our goal is to make more firmwares available to our users every day. The repository grows daily.

Simplicity and speed in our system

It is important that users can access files quickly, simply and securely. It is not necessary to create a user account to purchase a file. Simply choose the file, indicate the email and name and make the payment. You receive a download link and that's it!

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